Weight Loss Tips | Living In Guam Ep2 (Cheat Meals)

Weight Loss Tips | Living in Guam Ep2 (Cheat Meals)

Tips will be given on better ways to lose weight and body fat while having cheat meals in your diet.

Pikas Cafe 888 N.Marine Corps Dr, Star Bldg
Tamuning, 96913, Guam.
Open EVERYDAY 7:30am-3pm
Good food to eat 5/5

A few clips of working out on chest day. Every exercise would be 4 sets of 8-12 reps. High Volume work on your muscle and progressive overload will force your muscles to become more dense and grow. Consistency is Key !

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If you guys know anyone or if you want to be thought how to diet and/or bulk for free, I will gladly help you guys out. Contact me via email or through social media.

Continue on your weight loss journey , TODAY.

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