Weight Loss Journey: How I Am Naturally Losing 150 Pounds (Down 100+) | Blog Wk 4 – Struggles

Down lost 100.8 lbs naturally in the past 1.5 years but still have 51.2 lbs to go to reach my ideal weight of 175 lbs. I show workouts and food every week! There’s also this little girl that keeps showing up trying to take over the Vlog! I will be vlogging my weight loss journey as well as my weight and any challenges every week. I’ll also discuss what I’ve accomplished the past week and my plan for the week forward. This will be another tool in staying accountable to my weight loss transformation and ideally inspiring and motivating others to begin/continue your journey’s as well.

Eating: Keto, Ketogenic Diet / Low Carb with occasional cheats.
Exercise: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Boot Camp, Walking, Running, Spin Bike, Weight Training

Share your own stories and recipes in the comments. Would love to hear your feedback and ideas for recipes and topics to discuss, so let’s stay connected.


Ileka – Wife, Mom of 4 young children, MS in Engineering, Leadership, Career Been overweight since birth but recently loss 100 + pounds and still has a ways to go…

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Special Thanks to Hardbody Outdoor Fitness for continuing to push me.

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