Weight Loss After Pregnancy – Tips And Methods

Weight Loss After Pregnancy – Tips and Methods.
Weight gain in pregnancy is a normal condition. Normal weight gain is about 15-40 pounds but it depends on your start weight. After pregnancy many women crave to return into their “normal” clothes. Losing weight after pregnancy is time consuming. Direct after delivery most women lose about 9-16 pounds. These pounds are very easy to lose, only the baby and the placenta weigh about 8-10 pounds.

The hard part is to get rid of the remaining pounds. Often you don’t have time to train, the baby takes all time. The big thing is that you should avoid be on a diet as long as you are breastfeeding. There are methods that can help you get in shape after pregnancy.

Knowing your eating habits is important. Avoid sweets like candy, ice-cream, soft drinks and other high calorie contending foods. Fruits and vegetables is healthy both for you and your baby. It is important that you don´t skip meals, this will have the opposite effect on your weight.

Training after pregnancy is important. That helps the body’s metabolism which will make the weight loss faster. The combination of training and healthy diet is good for your weight loss. If you skip one of them it will be hard to get in shape again. It is necessary that the whole family supports you during this phase. If your husband still eat pizzas and milk-shakes it will not be easier for you. Don´t have sweets at home.

Good luck – soon you will get in shape again.

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