The Seven (7) Habits Of Long Term Ketotic People: Sustainable Ketogenic Lifestyle Habits.

Hello Everyone!

I thought I’d make a video about the habits that have helped me stick to the diet and turn it into a lifestyle that is healthy and sustainable long term.

#1: Eat the fattiest breakfast you can. Especially if you’re leaving your place and might be exposed to not-so-healthy foods.

#2: Always drink salty broth or water with sea salt or himalayan salt.

#3: Get enough sleep and be well rested.

#4: If you get a craving: stop, think and don’t act on it right away. Pausing for 30 min to an hour will make the craving go away.

#5: Slow down when you’re eating. Savor every bite of the food you eat. Enjoy it.

#6: Don’t be obsessed with ketosis. Especially if you have chosen to make the ketogenic diet a lifestyle instead of a temporary diet. Be obsessed with quitting sugars and refined carbohydrates instead! Quitting alcohol is a good idea too 🙂

#7: Slow down. If you’re doing this for weight-loss, don’t rush in seeking results. Don’t weigh yourself too much and don’t monitor too much. The goal is health above skinny or lean.

Much love to all!



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