Swap Fat For Muscle Incorporating Exercise Into Your Weight-Loss Plan

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Swap Fat For Muscle: Incorporating Exercise Into Your Weight-Loss Plan

Of course exercise is a vital part of any effective weight-loss plan. However, you should look at exercise as a tool that can help you not only lose weight but also live healthier. Crafting a fitness regimen designed for long-term health is a lot better for you than a short-term effort designed solely for weight loss. Here are some quick tips that can help you put together such a plan.

1. Exercise Right. Aerobic exercise is commonly known as the key to losing weight, but you should aim for a comprehensive fitness strategy that also includes resistance training. Even if you don’t lift free weights, try working out on Nautilus machines to build stronger muscles. By using a well-rounded exercise regimen from the start, you will make your body look even better when the pounds start to come off.

2. Get a Buddy. Many admirable pursuits are easier when you do them socially. Working out is one of them. Start exercising with a friend or two, or join a fitness class at your gym. Exercising with friends will increase your motivation and reduce the temptation to skip workouts. A fitness-oriented circle of acquaintances also gives you a valuable educational resource; you can pick up handy tips and tricks from them.

3. Eat Better. Complex carbohydrates can fuel your body through workouts, but there are better types of fuel available. Trim as many carbs out of your diet as possible. Use lean protein to prepare yourself for your workouts instead. Include plenty of soluble fiber in your diet, too. Try to get the fiber you need from vitamin-rich fresh vegetables, rather than relying on fiber supplements.

4. Use Good Supplements. There are plenty of healthy diet supplements that can boost the effectiveness of your exercise. Protein shakes make a great source of highly-usable nutrition, for instance, and properly-balanced multivitamins will improve your metabolism. Investigate the options at your local health food store. Your workouts will be more productive when you use the right supplements for assistance.

5. Avoid Diet Pills. While supplements are good, pills are bad. Weight-loss pills are ineffective at best and can even cause physical harm. Many provide false results with massive doses of caffeine and diuretics. These will only interfere with your exercise regimen and make it harder to lose weight properly. If diet pills look tempting to you, remind yourself that the hope they hold out is false.

6. Use the Mirror, not Just the Scale. Judge the results of your weight loss more comprehensively. Rather than simply tracking your weight, take snapshots of your body. Ask yourself which areas are improving and which you need to work harder on. You will find that targeted exercises can help you tone up individual parts of your body.

Losing weight and getting fit often go hand in hand. You want to be sure that you don’t forget the second part after you accomplish the first. If you use the advice outlined above to build a real, sustainable fitness plan, you’ll find it much easier to keep exercising after you reach your ideal weight. Continuing to exercise will make you feel – and look – even better throughout your life.

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