Success: Weight Loss Of 20 Lbs In 2 Months, And Reversed Diabetes

Stephanie is another patient who came to Dr. Banerjee’s course with high blood pressure and depression. She was a diabetic and couldn’t lose the weight. In Dr. Banerjee’s project, every patient does the suggested tests and Dr. Banerjee can make sense of what is the genuine reason for the issue is. Dr. Banerjee doesn’t need pursue symptoms for his patients, and the same was with Stephanie. She began the system and could lose 20 pounds inside 2 months. Her high blood pressure became normal, diabetes held and joint agony has gone.

This 61-year-old patient who experienced sort 2 diabetes and joint agony. Inside 2 months on the system, she figured out how to lose 20 pounds, got more vitality and was so upbeat about that achievement. Stephanie’s high blood pressure is down, she dozes better and feels that she can do the system for whatever is left of her life. She would prescribe the project to anybody.

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