Sauna Suit Review Weight Loss Results On Hcg Diet

Sauna Suit Review Weight Loss Results on hcg diet- I just started walking while in p3 of the hcg diet and I’m using sweat shorts, or hot pants. I love these things because they are so comfortable. My body is able to breathe in them and I don’t feel like I’ll die from a heat stroke.

Sauna Pants are made of different materials so make sure you purchase the ones that have at least 90 percent neoprene and 10 percent nylon these are the good ones and will last a lot longer.

These shorts are so comfy and fit like a glove all over me except the back does pull away from my back a bit so make sure to get the right fit. I wish these were one size smaller but they are still helping me. Hopefully, I can now be rid of cellulite.

Womens-Sweat Shorts –

Mens Sweat Shorts-




Sauna Suit Review Weight Loss Results on hcg diet

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