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What is Garcinia Extra?

Garcinia Extra is a diet pill that claims to be the “only 2+1 formula on the market”. Instead of just using garcinia cambogia to help you lose weight, Garcinia Extra combines garcinia cambogia with raspberry ketones, another trendy weight loss pill ingredient.

Together, these two ingredients purportedly help you enjoy the following health benefits:

Burns Stored Fat
Suppresses your Appetite
Prevents the Storage of Body Fat
Obviously, these are the same benefits we’ve seen from countless other garcinia cambogia supplements sold online. Garcinia cambogia has been popular ever since Dr. Oz called it a “miracle weight loss cure” that could help you drop pounds with no diet or exercise required.

Modern scientific evidence hasn’t been kind to raspberry ketones or garcinia cambogia, as there are few human studies that have linked either ingredient to major weight loss effects.

Nevertheless, is Garcinia Extra the diet pill you need to help you lose weight? Let’s take a closer look at how it works, including its dosage information.

How Does Garcinia Extra Work?

Garcinia Extra is a dual action diet pill that contains garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketone extract. These ingredients have similar benefits but work in different ways.

-Garcinia Cambogia: This small pumpkin-shaped fruit is native to Southeast Asia. Over the past few years, the rind of this fruit has been turned into a powdered extract and placed into diet pills. In some studies, garcinia cambogia was able to suppress appetite and encourage fat loss.

-Raspberry Ketones: Ketones are the compounds that give raspberries their unique scent. Some research shows that ketones have weight loss benefits. The makers of Garcinia Extra claim they “help the body burn fat naturally” and are also linked to “the secretion of adiponectin, a hormone that regulates many metabolic processes”.

Unlike many other diet pills sold online today, Garcinia Extra actually gives us its dosage information, which we’ll read below.

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