My 100 Pound Weight Loss: One Pound At A Time

This is my weight loss journey pictures and the progression I had over 1 1/2 years. We took long breaks to make sure we stablized between each Round. It gave us time to learn how to eat again and how to correct ourselves if we had a gain. I am in my late 50’s. This has not been an easy journey and I could not have done it without several people. 1st My wife who joined me in the journey and lost 55 lbs along the way. My daughter who flew up to visit and cook for us during our hardest beginings and she lost 100 lbs. before she had back to back pregos. The video’s of MamaClok which were a big tutorial for us. Our discovery of Maria Emmerich who showed us the importance of eating healthy everyday when not dieting so that you can maintain your weight…& Jay Robb for the best Whey Protein on the market.

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