La Weight Loss Classes Weight Loss Clients Lose Personal Service In Philadelphia And Pennsylvania

“I am sorry to hear that 55 people from LA Weight Loss will be losing their jobs,” says Todd Stofka, Weight Loss Expert. This is a double whammy for the Philadelphia area First there will be more unemployed people and the overweight people that were using this solution will be limited by not having personalized help.

That personalized custom weight loss assistance is still available for those people who want the assistance at Philly Hypnosis Weight Loss offices. Since 2002 Todd Stofka and his team have worked both one on one and with group training to rewire the old fat habits to help people take back control.

Stofka and his team at Philly Hypnosis Weight Loss have combined the science of Neural Linguistic Psychology with the tried and true use of hypnosis to help people make weight loss changes, changes in what they eat, how much they eat, moving their body to create more lean muscle and their personal body blueprint.

Stofka and his team have recently launched a series of classes called Living Lite Weight Loss. These 3 hour classes help introduce people trying to lose weight to use the power of their mind. In these classes people get to create their new thinner body, stop a craving, take off their personal fat suit, break personal resistance and more.

The classes are currently held in Chalfont and Hulmeville/Bensalem and more locations will be added around the Delaware Valley. The 3-hour class has the low cost of .

Class schedules and sign up can be found at:

Other personalized and custom weight loss solutions are.
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To book Todd now for interviews, speaking engagements, team or individual coaching, you can contact him at 877-557-7409
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