Keto Diet And Cholesterol Results

We share Dr. Keith’s cholesterol lab results after 26 weeks on a ketogenic diet.

There is no doubt that a keto diet is a rapid weight loss diet, but is it a healthy diet?

In our last video, you got to see how Keith’s diet improved his triglycerides and inflammation, but cholesterol was not as clear-cut of an improvement until we did some digging (and a second blood test).

If you follow a keto diet, but your total cholesterol doesn’t drop, there could still be good news.

Watch the video to get the whole picture of your cholesterol profile and learn about the NMR lipoprofile test, which reveals your LDL particle sizes.

And, as always, Keith shares how much weight he’s lost following his low-carb, high-fat keto diet, so tune in to hear the results.

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Watch Last Week’s Video to see Part 1 of our discussion on blood work. You’ll see how Keith’s Keto Diet reduced Inflammation:

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