Impossibly Healthy Low-Carb Fast Food: Insanely Yummy Recipes To Kill Your Cravings Without Killi…

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Impossibly Healthy Low-Carb Fast Food: Insanely Yummy Recipes To Kill Your Cravings Without Killing You! (Low Carb Feasts Series! Book 1)

KFC-Style Chicken, Pizza, Burgers, Onion Rings, Chicken Nuggets, even Donuts and Burrito!- ALL Your Favourite Fast Food NOW LOW-CARB!”My favourite COOKBOOK This YEAR!’ve got to get a copy!”- Jennifer S
(On facebook)”Whoa! Its for REAL.
This is ALL that the world NEEDS!”- Susan D
(On facebook)There are a Hundred reasons to go Low Carb and only ONE to stop cheating on your low carb diet- THIS BOOK!Fast Food is the highest contributor to your Carb intake but Wait!.
‘Low-Carb FAST FOOD’ turns this theory on its head! If you’re tired of ‘Diets’ of all hues and colors imposing restrictions on your fast food cravings, Low-Carb Fast Food is the answer! No more worrying about Carbs or Gluten or Unhealthy Cooking Oil! NOW YOU CAN Grab that burger or feast on your favourite pizza or stuff yourself with KFC-style chicken to your heart’s content!These Recipes are so Sinfully Yummy, Nobody’ll Believe they’re Low-Carb!Here are some of the most AMAZING Fast Food Recipes that’ll get you salivating right now!Take a LOOK: Chicken NuggetsBuffalo WingsOnio RingsKFC-Style ChickenChicken Lettuce WrapsKung Pao ChickenBurrito:Low Carb BurritoChipotle Burrito BowlFish Burrito..And Pizza & Burgers:Squash Chorizo PizzaCauliflower Crust PizzaLettuce Wrapped Bacon BurgersMushroom Burgers..Mouth watering favorites includingBeef JerkyPeppermint MarshmallowsSteakhouse Grilled Steak..And something for the sweet tooth too!Pudding PopsVanilla FluffCoconut Flour DonutsBrowniesand much more!I bet, you couldn’t go through all of these recipes without getting hungry! Not only are these recipes incredibly delicious, each one of them has a detailed breakdown of the fat, carb and protein content and also other useful details like prep-time, number of servings etc.In fact, here is what an expert chef had to say about these recipes:”Nobody in his right mind would sell these recipes for a couple of bucks! (just kidin’ Ankit!)..You don’t wanna miss this guys!..This one is a masterpiece!” Nick L
(Published Author & Chef)Okay, that’s enough talk, ‘All Looking and No Cooking makes Jack a hungry boy!’Go On, Grab Your Copy and Get Cooking!**New Year Deal: Don’t miss this opportunity to BUY NOW at the Lowest Price ever!


Ankit Pandey


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