Hywel Evans | Full Day Of Eating Cutting Macros | Bodybuilder Diet

Hywel Evans – Full Day Of Eating Cutting Macros.
Bodybuilding Diet – Meal By Meal

Hywel Evans Bodybuilding Cutting Diet For Lean Muscle – This shredding diet is used for weight loss and cutting macros are tailored to me. Check out the full day of eating playlists for more!

• Physique update
• 5 typical meals that aid my fat loss / weight loss
• Pull/Deadlift workout

4:09 – Skip TO workout
6:53 – Skip PAST workout

I am currently in a cutting period so all meals shown are used to aid my weight loss.

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Hywel Evans
Hywel Evans Fitness

Please watch: “Body Transformation | 12 Week Six Pack Abs”


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