How To Balance Cortisol For Weight Loss & Good Health

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In this episode Tafiq shares how to balance your cortisol levels for fat loss. And how healthy cortisol levels affect the body during our 24-hour biological clock.

You’ll also learn 5 ways to reset your 24 hour biological clock for good health, a balanced body and balanced cortisol levels.

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Tafiq Akhir puts his health, fitness and nutrition expertise to good use every single day. It’s not unsual to spot celebrities like Rashida Jones, George Kotsiopoulos, Sharon Leal and ESPN sportscaster Terry Ganon amongst the devoted students that pack his sold out classes.

Clients and students will tell you Tafiq easily combines his roots in fitness, martial arts and dance with other unique disciplines that keeps their workouts fun, fresh and exciting. More importantly, his approach yields results that they can see in their clothes, and makes them feel stronger and more energetic.

“Growing up I witnessed the cumulative effects of bad nutrition choices and lack of exercise by my mother. She suffered from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, stroke, respiratory issues, weight problems and eventually succumbed to cancer. I know now that the vast majority of issues she suffered from could have been minimized or even reversed with better nutrition, fitness and lifestyle choices. My goal is to ensure that as many people as possible avoid the unneccessary illnesses and issues associated with similar poor choices. My mother didn’t have the information or tools that could have possible changed the trajectory of her life. My goal is to help people reduce, reverse and possibly avoid similar issues,” Tafiq says.

Tafiq has a solid track record within the health and fitness field for over 17 years. Group fitness students have been taking his classes for over 12 years, and people have seen him as a professional dancer and entertainer for over 22 years.

Tafiq specializes in total body transformations by combining his well rounded expertise in metabolic conditioning, functional fitness, nutrition, strength training, flexibility, balance, dance, martial arts, physical therapy, health and wellness.

He has created a number of internationally recognized fitness and nutrition programs including: Tafiq’s Extreme Tabata, Diet Free Academy, 28 Fit Body Blast Challenge, The Simple, Delicious & Nutritious Recipes Cookbook, 20 Minute Body Blast, Total Body Blast, 30 Minute Butt Lift & HardCORE Ab Blast.

He has been featured in health and fitness videos and pubications all across the world. He has also worked with top health and fitness professionals including Richard Simmons, Linda Shelton and Leigh Crews to name a few.

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Diet Free Academy is a life changing 8 week online course that teaches how to eat, move and live in a way that promotes sustainable fat loss and good health.

Participants learn about their PERSONAL physical, nutritional and hormonal imbalances and are taught how to bring those imbalances into balance for optimal health and fitness.

When the body is in balance it promotes natural fat loss, abundant energy, vitality and good health. All without counting calories, cutting food groups, juice fasting, detoxing or doing long exhausting workouts.

Successful participants of the Diet Free Academy program have lost more than 30 pounds in 8 weeks. Some have even reversed illness and been taken off medications.

This is the perfect program for anyone struggling to lose weight or suffering from a health issue related to weight.

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