How A Healthy Raw Foodist Loses Body Fat

How does a healthy raw foodist lose body fat?

Ask around, and you’ll find that the dominant narrative in the raw food movement right now – that you can and should eat as much fruit as you can stuff down and you’ll still lose weight – simply doesn’t work for a lot of people.

In my last video on my 75 day raw food overfeeding experiment, I gave that strategy a fair shot and my weight went from 175 to 190 pounds.

So if we know that doesn’t work, how about the traditional advice I’ve long relied on – that you should eat a bit less lose fat?

Well I’ve been following that strategy for the last five weeks, and it appears to be working pretty well for me.

I’m down five pounds, looking a lot better, and still have plenty of energy for athletics and fun.

Check out my video to see how I’m doing.

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