Healthy What I Eat In A Day!!! // Healthy Food Ideas For Losing Weight!!!

Hey guys!

I’ve been eating a lot healthier and I wanted to share some healthy food ideas. This is what I typically eat on a good, healthy day. I didn’t include snacks but I like to have snacks in between meals, if I’m feeling hungry. I like to have some light, filling snacks such as fruit, vegetables or granola bars to fill me up before my next meal.

Breakfast- Healthy banana Split (390 calories)
•1 Banana
•Chobani Greek Yogurt Vanilla Flavored (1 cup or 1/2 a cup if I’m not too hungry)
•Any fruit to use as toppings
•Granola to keep you feeling full and satisfied
•Black Chia Seeds (usually just a sprinkle or 1 tablespoon)
•Chocolate Syrup- just a drizzle (I cheated with this one lol but replace with honey or melted pure dark chocolate for a healthier option)
•1 Small (8oz) cup of coffee with milk & light sugar

Lunch- Chicken Sandwich (307 calories)
I’m trying not to each as much bread but I still eat some because I love it lol (try switching to whole wheat bread for a healthier option)

•2 slices of bread
•Homemade Chicken Salad- Just boil some chicken breast and then after it’s cooked, put it in a bowl and add some mayonnaise and mix it around. You can also add some pepper or other flavorings.

Dinner- Typical healthy dinner, esp. after a workout (652 calories)

•Sweet Potatoes (I use 1 or 2 depending on how hungry I am) I used 2 this day
•Broccoli (I eat 5-6 pieces or however much lol I love broccoli)
•Chicken Breast (I love chicken so I will have some more for dinner for added protein & to keep me full)

My meals altogether were 1,349 calories (without any snacks)

Aside from my morning coffee, I ONLY drink water throughout the day. I l typically drink at least 2 (40 oz) water bottles a day so 80oz in total. I don’t crave any sugary drinks because I’ve just gotten used to drinking water. I can’t go to bed without a cup of water and I have to had a cup of water before breakfast also just to hydrate my body. Getting a cute water bottle has definitely helped with me drinking more water so give that a try! Mine also has a built in straw so it’s easier to drink more water that way.

If you’re trying to lose weight, try eating smaller portions and 6 times a day. So breakfast, then a light snack, lunch, light snack, dinner and light snack. Also, just eat when you’re hungry so if you’re not hungry between breakfast & lunch, don’t force yourself to eat a snack. Also, try eating less carbs and more protein. Try to eat your fruit in the morning- lunch time and veggies the rest of the day. And of course drink tonsss of water! Add in some exercise for better results but remember what you eat is more important than how much you work out. So don’t be eating junk foods and try to “fix” it by going to the gym. Feed your body with healthy nutrients & some exercise (even just going for a walk).

Disclaimer- I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist. This is what I’ve been eating lately to get into a more healthier lifestyle. Not everything is super super healthy but I just started my journey & I’m taking small steps to get into a better healthy lifestyle. It’s better than eating sugary cereals, tons of bread & tons of sugary, processed food- which I had been doing.

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