Gelato: From Chocolate Milk!! Cuisinart Gelato Maker. Ice Free. ACE Lose Weight!

Gelato: From Chocolate Milk!! Cuisinart Gelato Maker. Ice Free. ACE Lose Weight!

Just freeze the Cuisinart Gelato Maker Bowl for a few hours (24 hours is best) Then just put bowl in maker and add your fave Choc Milk! I added more cream to make it less icy and more creamy, but not necessary!!
Add Choc Chips or M&M’s and you REALLY have yourself one SERIOUSLY special TREAT!

Gelato makers are showing up more and more at local thrift shops, 2nd hand stores, and MANY GoodWills!! Most usually under !

Save money, eat more healthy, know what’s going in your ICE CREAM because YOU MAKE IT YOURSELF!

Started making this at home at least PARTIALLY due to Blue Bell being closed down for so long! Gotta have our Ice Cream fix! And GELATO’s just THAT MUCH BETTER! YUMM-YYY!!!

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