Fastest Way To Lose Weight Diet Elimination For Good Posted

Think about this for a moment: When has dieting proved to be of long term benefit to anyone, even in the most remote way? If diets actually worked, people would be getting slimmer. Instead we see more and more people dieting and getting fatter every day. Diet elimination was never more necessary than right now. Please let me explain why.

Widespread weight problems started when diet experts, like nutritionists, arrived on the scene to tell us that our diet was wrong. We listened, and when we began to get fat, they had a new diet for us. They seemed to have formed a mutual synergy with the packaged food industry which branched out to become the diet food industry.

In the seventies, before diets were thought to be necessary, people seemed just as healthy as they do today. More so actually, because most of them were slim. Yet, they did not have the great advantage of all the medical advances we take for granted today.

It is one thing, when people create destructive behavior towards themselves. It is quite another thing when it is done by others, under the guise of serving your health and well diet eliminationdiet eliminationdiet cravingspermanent weight lossmy own plankirsten plotkin

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