Fact-Check:Errors Found In Robert Lustig’s Sugar Bitter Truth-Fructose,Fat-Loss,Paleo,Low-Carb,Diets

FACT-CHECK: Was Robert Lustig debunked? YES. Were flaws found in Robert Lustig’s books? YES. Did Robert Lustig say Beer is composed of Fat? YES. Is it true? NO. Did Lustig get facts wrong? YES. Did Fructose turn out to cause Fatty-Liver-Disease? NO. Was Fructose found Toxic? NO. Was Robert Lustig’s work based on proper science? NO. Did Lustig claim sugar is poison? YES. Did studies ever confirm his idea that sugar is Poison? NO. Is Robert Lustig right and it’s all just a big conspiracy by the sugar industry/government/establishment to cover-up the real truth? NO. Did Robert Lustig say: “There is NO foodstuff on the planet that contains both fat and carbs at the same time”? YES. Is that true? NO. Did Robert Lustig say a K-Ration had 12-thousand calories? YES. Is it correct? NO. Did Robert Lustig say Ancel Keys was wrong? YES. Was Ancel Keys found wrong? NO. Is Robert Lustig’s Sugar The Bitter Truth youtube video correct NO. A little? NO. – Robert Lustig’s work, including the Stanford UCSF Study of countries and sugar with Sanjay Basu, was found flawed and rife with basic scientific errors. Were Lustig’s claims found based on facts or selling things? Lustig’s work is skewed based on peddling diet-books (Fat Chance). Is Robert Lustig using un-biased scientific studies or does Robert Lustig have a conflict-of-interest such as a monetary stake in his claims? Rober Lustig has a Financial stake riding on his claims. Has Dr. Robert Lustig now become fatter and obese himself after following his own diet in his own books ? YES. Rober Lustig has grown obese on his anti-sugar diet. Should I or my friends at work believe Robert Lustig? NO. Is Dr. Robert Lustig on the same level as actual scientists? NO. Was he right and everyone else was wrong? NO.

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