Eating Soup Is A Nutritious And Delicious Way To Lose Weight

Eating Soup is a Nutritious and Delicious Way to Lose Weight
I am always looking for a few weight loss tips. One of my favorites is eating soup. Soup is a nutritious and delicious I learned long ago that making my own soup at home is an economical way to stretch my grocery dollars, make use of leftovers, control what I eat, and plan out my meals for the week. Controlling what I eat and planning my meals for the week are key to losing weight and keeping it off. As an added bonus, soup fills you up physically and lifts you up emotionally.
Soup Is Economical
Stick to broth based soups as creamy soups are harder to balance calories and fat that support a fit lifestyle. I like to keep my cabinets stocked with 98% fat free chicken broth (without MSG). This allows me to throw together a pot of soup just about anytime I want without adding salt or fat for flavor. To keep the broth economical, I generally use equal amounts of chicken broth and water to form the base. Celery, carrots, and onions are also cheap and add wonderful flavor to any soup.
What should you put in your soup? Look in your refrigerator. Look in your cabinets. Look in the freezer. You probably have many more ingredients than you realize. A few veggies, a carbohydrate (potatoes, pasta, rice, corn, or beans), and a protein (chicken, turkey, pork roast, ham, ground sirloin, beef) simmered in your broth base will produce a lovely and economical soup from your leftovers. Experiment with spices such as rosemary, pepper, and onion powder to add additional flavor.
Low Calories High Satisfaction
Because you control what you put in your soup pot, you can keep the calories under control. Eating soup also helps you eat vegetables if you are not a big fan of veggies. The fiber in the veggies as well as the broth help keep you satisfied and full for a longer period of time. Protein also helps keep your appetite satisfied longer and adding a grain such as rice or barely helps even more.

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