Eating Coconut Oil For Weight Loss – It Does What!?

Eating Coconut oil for weight loss! Simple and Easy!

Love To Burn: Target Triglycerides for Rapid, Fat-Burning Weight Loss

The mainstream dieting industry often spreads misinformation to keep dieters unsuccessful and consequently returning to buy more ultimately ineffective products. In this culture of confusion, the real culprit of weight gain—the development of triglycerides—often escapes unnoticed.

Brian Flatt, owner of R.E.V. Fitness and creator of The 2 Week Diet, explains that consumed fat is broken down into fatty acids, which are initially very small and can travel in and out of cell walls to be converted into energy. When those fatty acids remain unused, they combine with two other fatty acids and a glycerol molecule to create a “triglyceride.”

Triglycerides are large molecules, and because of their size are unable to exit the fat cells like free-flowing fatty acids can. As a result, triglycerides become the stubborn body fat that plagues so many dieters.

“But here’s the thing,” Flatt said. “Those triglycerides can be targeted, and they can be broken back down into those fatty acids and burned by the body for energy. In fact, when we break down those triglycerides, it is like dumping rocket fuel into your vehicle’s gas tank. Those broken down triglycerides flood the body with a great source of energy that it loves to burn.”

Flatt designed The 2 Week Diet to not only break down existing triglycerides, but to prevent the body from forming new ones.

The end result: dieters are able to lose more weight in three weeks than they would in two to three months on another diet program. Many of his clients have reported losses of 8-16 pounds, the majority of it body fat, in as little as 14 days.

Contrary to popular belief, there is hard evidence that rapid weight loss can actually be healthy. Perhaps the most well-known testimony comes from participants on NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

The show’s weight loss consultant, Dr. Michael Danzinger, says, “In theory, one could drop as much as 20 pounds in a week. The truth is that nothing is wrong with losing weight rapidly—as long as you do it the right way.”

Flatt also remarks on the psychology of weight loss, “Losing 3 to 4 pounds in the first few days is rewarding in itself, but the real benefit is the motivational factor it produces. Studies show that early success produces future success, and dieters that drop a dress size in a few days are far more likely to keep burning away fat.”


The 2 Week Diet focuses on three main components to help dieters lose unwanted weight: diet, exercise, and mindset. Dieters learn what, when, and how to eat for optimized weight loss. They also receive supplement and exercise advice to accelerate the process. Finally, they develop the mindset—or willpower—to lose weight and keep it off. Brian Flatt, nutrition coach and owner of R.E.V. Fitness, developed the 2 Week Diet.

To learn much more about The 2 Week Diet, click here.

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