DIET & EXERCISE: Glucose & Insulin

Feet parallel “preparation” tai chi stance, no shirt, front, side & back views – 9/27/14 (Autumn)

In this video I am demonstrating that I carry very little fat on my body. Although my abdomen may protrude in some of the videos I post, that’s because I am doing deep abdominal breathing, not because I am carrying a great deal of fat around my abdomen. After my abdomen inflates during a deep inhalation, it returns to a flat state during the exhalation. This shirtless video reveals that my belly does not protrude, but is flat under normal conditions.

Am I just lucky that my genes don’t process food the way overweight people process food?

I think my choices of what I eat (and DON’T eat) have a lot more to do with why I remain lean, and why I can burn fat efficiently, than just good luck. I don’t have high levels of insulin, “the fat storage hormone,” circulating throughout my body telling my cells to store incoming glucose as fat, and preventing me from burning my own fat!

I realize that the biochemistry of food burning is very complex, and it’s quite possible modern science does not yet understand what’s going on in the human body when different people consume different types of foods. However, the “high levels of insulin” explanation makes a lot of sense to me

and seems to be confirmed by my own experiences with food.

I avoid the insulin problem by not eating refined carbs, and I manage to burn the fat I consume very efficiently. All I have to do is look at my body to see I don’t store fat the way most of the people around me accumulate fat on their bodies. What I’m doing that’s different from what most overweight people are doing is I have not messed up my metabolism by eating lots of refined carbs! I have not triggered high levels of insulin in my bloodstream, which would prevent me from burning my own fat. I burn the fat I eat, and I burn the complex carbs I eat. And I stay lean and healthy. No insulin resistance. No diabesity. No excess fat accumulation.


Why can’t you burn your own fat efficiently for fuel? Probably because you have high levels of insulin, the “fat storage hormone,” circulating in your bloodstream.

This seems to me to be the most likely explanation why I can burn fat efficiently, and why overweight people all around me can’t burn their own fat, despite the exercises they do.

Why can’t you lose weight? Because you can’t burn your own fat for fuel. To lose weight you have to be able to burn your own fat for fuel. If the fat doesn’t “melt away” from your body, how else can you lose weight?

Most people are NOT carrying a lot of extra weight around in the form of muscle. They are carrying lots of extra pounds in the form of fat, especially around the abdomen. That’s what has to disappear in order for them to lose weight, but they can’t seem to burn their abdominal fat, despite all the exercises they do.

Why can’t you burn your own fat for fuel? The most likely explanation is because you have high levels of insulin, the “fat storage hormone,” circulating in your bloodstream. Insulin is telling your cells to store incoming excess glucose as fat, not to burn existing fat for fuel. As long as insulin keeps sending this signal to your body’s tissues, they won’t be able to burn the fat that’s already stored in your body as fuel. Even if you exercise! By exercising, you’ll just “work up an appetite” for more refined carbs! You’ll satisfy your “hunger” (internal discomfort caused by low blood sugar) by eating foods that quickly turn to glucose in the bloodstream – – refined carbs. Products mostly made from white flour, sugar, high fructose corn syrup.

Why do you have high levels of insulin circulating in your bloodstream? Because you are eating too many refined carbs, which turn to glucose very quickly in the blood. When blood sugar rises rapidly the pancreas has to secrete lots of insulin (the fat storage hormone) to lower blood sugar levels back down to “normal” levels.

This is a repeating cycle, which many people seem incapable of breaking.

One major problem with products made from white flour and sugar is that they are addictive, and will cause withdrawal symptoms in many people if they try to stop eating them. The withdrawal symptoms may be so uncomfortable that the addicted person will go back to eating these foods, just to relieve the discomforts of withdrawal. And so the high blood sugar / high insulin cycle continues.

Apparently, existing body fat can’t be burned under these conditions. So no weight loss occurs.


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