Day 3 Of My Ketogenic Diet: Sugar Detox In Full Effect:- Weight Loss Diary

This is my first video showing me on Day 3 of my sugar detox, so don’t expect it to knock your socks off because I was EXHAUSTED. I will be keeping this video journal to record my ups and downs while I try to maintain a paleo ketogenic diet, also known as a low carb high fat diet. I’m still working my way there, this particular video is mostly me getting used to being on camera and trying to avoid sugar.

I’ve chosen this lchf diet after years and years of falling into it and feeling great while losing weight. It’s a wonder I haven’t stuck with it forever, I usually feel that good. But sugar and carbs have always worked their way back in.

I’m hoping that soon, one of my attempts at maintaining this diet sticks. That’s why I’ve started this journal, because I really thrive on accountability, and frequently run from it, but so far, I really like this method. I think it will keep me honest.

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