Chocolate Milk As An Ergogenic Aid: Weight Loss, Muscle Size, Endurance

This is a presentation I gave in my Metabolic Interactions class. I received a 100% on this presentation, and I thought I would share the findings of my research. All information provided are results from studies conducted in the last 6 years, and also from the Livestrong foundation. The slides are very brief, so any questions, just ask 🙂

Diagram 1: This is a picture of the ATP-Ubiquinine protein degradation process. This process rapidly degrades protein. At the beginning of the cycle, where ATP is converted to AMP, the next stop is inhibited, preventing the rest of the process from occurring.

Diagram 2: This is the mTOr signaling pathway. This is a protein synthesis process. If you notice where PDK1 is converted to AKt and then to mTOR insulin is responsible for activating that step in the process. Then if you notice mTOR phosphorylating 4E-BP, Leucine stimulates this process and makes it go faster, resulting in a higher protein synthesis.

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