Boost Your Metabolism & Immune System With This Vegetable Juice Recipe

This is the first of many great education videos featuring Wild Oak Chef & No Regrets Personal Trainer Ben Higgs in combination with Melissa Jack, who is a Metabolic Typing advisor and Level 2 CHEK Holistic Lifestyle coach.
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Together they have put together an entire series of videos to explain how easy it is to put together healthy and very tasty dishes to not only help people lose weight but improve their overall health and immune system.

The biggest excuse for not eating good foods is lack of time and second to that is they don’t taste nice. So in these videos Ben is going to show you just how easy it is to make healthy food taste great! And Mel is going to explain to when to eat these foods and how to structure your meals in a way to get great results.

Melissa already runs some great Nutrition classes for Metabolic Typing and weight loss programs you can check out here:

But this year, 2015, we plan to unveil an entirely new program featuring Ben and his amazing talents with cooking.

You can also read more about some of our Metabolic Typing program here and why it is so important to have your food right if you want to achieve weight loss results or even improve your immune system. Diseases like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Metabolic Syndrome can all be prevented by incorporating more vegetables into your diet and by using juices or smoothies is by far the fastest way to do this.

I hope you enjoyed this video and I look forward to releasing a stack more soon.

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