Black Beans Vs. Weight Loss? | Fat Burning Foods- Thomas DeLauer

Black Beans vs. Weight Loss? | Fat Burning Foods- Thomas DeLauer

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Black beans have a bad rap. A lot of people will tell you that the amylase inhibitor in black beans is preventing you from absorbing the protein associated with them, leaving you with basically a food that is worthless I’m doing this video to sort of debunk that, or at least give you a way to work around it. First and foremost, I want to give you three solid reasons why black beans are awesome and should be incorporated into your diet at the right time.

Number one is simple. They’re super-antioxidant rich. Any fruit or vegetable, or legume in this case, that is super dark in color like that is going to be nutrient dense; in this particular case, antioxidant-rich. Antioxidants are what are going to fight off the free radicals. They’re going to allow us to ultimately absorb more nutrients and feel better.

The number two reason is an obvious one. They’re high in fiber. I’m talking about this from a different angle. Fiber is great; helps digestion. What is really interesting is that fiber has been shown to reduce levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), which is basically the primary marker of inflammation within the body. Black beans are one of the most dense foods when it comes to fiber. I would definitely recommend eating beans when it comes to reducing inflammation; unless, of course, you have an actual antibody response to it.

Number three is going to be: What black beans can do for your blood sugar. You get a nice starchy carb that has a lot of volume to it, so it satiates you, gives you that feeling of being full really. The nice thing is it levels off your blood sugar. Because of the fiber content, it takes such a long time to digest, that it can actually lower blood sugar; especially when combined with other carbohydrates that might be a little higher glycemic.

Now, I wanted to tell you what I promised you. How can you get around the fact that black beans contain that analyse inhibitor? It’s simple. You eat the foods that need to be digested faster beforehand. Let’s say, the foods like the proteins, like the meats, maybe the vegetables, things like that that might assimilate really quick. You’re going to eat those first, then you’re going to follow them up with the foods that digest slower; in this case, black beans. All you really have to do to overcome the analyse inhibitor is eat your beans last. That way, the analyse inhibitor slows down the digestion of the protein, but it doesn’t completely inhibit it. You also are absorbing the other food first and getting the satiating long-term effect of the black beans digesting slowly later on throughout the day.

There you have it. There’s your way to get around the black bean barrier that you’ve heard all the time. I’ll see you in the next video.

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