Atkins Diet My Progress At Week 9

If you have been following me, you know that I moved to Phase 2 to allow for more food choices. I know that there is a good chance that my weight loss will slow down but as long as I keep moving in the right direction, I am accepting that possible reality.

A couple of weeks have passed since I last gave you an update. It is now week 9 and I am very excited to report that I lost some more weight! Yeah!!!!

Of course I would love the weight to just drop off, preferably in 5-10 pound chunks, but since that is not how it went on, I can’t realistically expect to come off that way either!

Time is going to pass anyway, so why not be in the process of achieving a goal?

I really believe that the connections I am making in my business were instrumental in helping me develop myself and my self-esteem so I got to the point where I was ready to lose weight. I was not able to get motivated enough to take action until I did some work on myself and had some strong support, both at home from my husband, and through my business connections.

I am here and more than able to offer you support as you reach for your goals and dreams. Allowing yourself to set goals and have support as you work toward them makes you feel so ALIVE!

Once I made the decision that it my goal to take advantage of the opportunity to make money working from the comfort of my own home. I actually earn an income while I make a video about my weight loss or opinion or activity or….whatever I choose!

Does this sound better than what you are doing currently? Do you want to make money, save time, save effort, increase your happiness and eliminate pain?

If so, Click this link and I will show you what I am doing and how I can help you.

I want you to also check out our income disclaimer statement so you have all the information. After you check us out, I am confident you will join me to lock arms and reach for YOUR goals.
Income disclaimer:

Or perhaps you are already doing what you love. If so, kudos to you as you are very blessed. I can help you, also, by providing you a way to do what you love even better! I can show you how to promote it to the masses. One example is through our viral blogging system!

The creator of this video may be compensated as a result of this video.

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