5 Steps For Pink Pregnancy Weight Loss – Calorie Calculator Included

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What cause make you gaining weight after pregnancy?

1. Excessive weight during pregnancy, make it hard for us to get our shape back.

1 pound every week until end of pregnancy, but every woman is unique.

2. Don’t eat for two. This mind setting will make you eat more than recommended quantity

3. Stress make us lose appetite but in long term we will eat more. we can controlled stress by doing physical activities

When we move physically our brain will release endorphin that make us feel good

Take 10 minutes to dance around, walk or cycle to grocery stores and playing games with our kids

4. Get enough sleep because it will boost our metabolism. Adequate sleep increase Leptin hormone and leptin will raise metabolism to burn calories even at rest

The solution is to sleep 6 – 7 hour a day

5. Eat more is a big factor increase weight compare to less exercise

Why? When we eat 1000 extra calories we can burn it by exercise, but the most 30 minutes exercise such swimming or running only burn 350 calories

These calories are less than we consumed, some more it is not easy for us to strenuous swim or run for 30 minutes

But if we can cut 500 calories a day it is easier to lose fat, especially when we did 3 times exercise a week

So less eating is one of big factor to shred some weight compare to increase exercise

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