10k Cal Challenge, Next Competition, Cardio For Fat Loss?

This was actually condensed from like 20398420934 minutes long LOL here’s a cheat for where each question is:

1. What is the best tasting supplement you’ve ever had, and thoughts on creatine (1:19)
2. What did your friends/family think when you track macros (2:40)
3. How has your transition from tracking to not been (3:41)
4. Workout split for beginners (4:45)
5. How long till you see muscle development (5:56)
6. Advice to start a fitness youtube channel (6:45)
7. Favorite fitness youtuber (7:45)
8. IIFYM Competition Prep Coach (8:05)
9. Next Bikini Competition (8:39)
10. Did you have to tweak macros for fat loss (8:52)
11. How long did you train before you started to compete (9:50)
12. What condition should you be in before starting prep (10:10)
13. Choosing a coach, do you need one (11:15)
14. If you could teach young girls one thing about body image (12:10)
15. How do you structure a workout (13:00)
16. What made you decide to compete (13:55)
17. How to have no food restrictions but also a physique you’re comfortable in (14:30)
18. How to break free from the label of a competitor (15:21)
19. How to stay positive about your body when reversing/gaining weight (15:55)
20. How to save money when competing (16:55)
21. Do you experience any psychological effects when going from tracking to intuitive eating (18:00)
22. How long does it take to get good at tracking your macros (19:15)
23. Can you make progress with intuitive eating (19:45)
24. What made you decide to start lifting (20:20)
25. How much cardio to do to lose weight (21:10)
26. Will you stop tracking macros/start eating intuitively (22:50)
27. Do you keep calories in mind without tracking (23:22)
28. Will you ever do the 10,000 calorie challenge (24:05)
29. How to stay active/eat right on vacation without a gym (24:40)

Coach William Grazione:

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