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Deli Crisps – Fit for a King
Everyone loves delicious hand cooked crisps. And at The King’s Deli, we only produce the most flavourful crisps that are fit for royalty! Created with 100% renewable energy, we are on a mission to create hand cooked crisps that are environmentally friendly whilst ensuring that they are mouth-watering. 

Our British hand cooked crisps are baked with the skin left on in high-quality sunflower oil with natural flavours before seasonings are added. Avoiding any artificial colourings and preservatives, The King’s Deli crisps have a truly remarkable taste in every bite.

We have a wide range of hand cooked crisps, including:

Sea salt & Balsamic Vinegar


Sour Cream & Onion

Hot & Spicy


Honey BBQ

Original Sea Salt

Salt & Black Pepper

Tomato & Herb

The Kings Deli Hand Cooked Crisps
Not only do our tantalising flavours make us stand out from the crowd, but our sorting process guarantees that we only produce hand cooked crisps of the highest quality. Taking time and effort to check each crisp individually, you will only get the best. This hand-sorted process might seem extensive, but we only want to give our customers exceptional kettle crisps that are unlike anything they have tried before.

We also believe that no one should have to miss out on our delectable flavours. So we have created crisps that are suitable for vegetarians as well as gluten, GMO and lactose-free. 


Interested in buying in bulk? We ship to a variety of countries around the world. Directly working with your business, you will receive your order as soon as possible. All bulk products are also innovatively packaged, to guarantee your crisps stay fresh.The King’s Deli was born with a mission to create fantastic, flavoursome and unique tasting crisps… crisps that would be fit for a king! Visit our website today for more information.

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