Finer Deals for the Perfect Venus Diet

The best fitness books should provide basic knowledge about the exercises and training. Who wants to improve his fitness is often faced with the question of how he does this best. In this blog post I introduce the best fitness books and also give each book the appropriate target group.

Some books are for beginners very well suited, others rather for advanced who want to find out more about a specific topic. There are not only fitness books on the subject of training but also nutrition in this list of my book recommendations. We present fitness books on the following topics:

  • Fitness training
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Anatomy, Movement Theory
  • Cookbook for fitness recipes
  • Training plans for the home

Nutrition strategies in weight training and bodybuilding

This is probably the most comprehensive diet book on the market. With a price of just under 35 dollars, the book is not exactly cheap, but for any compulsory reading that wants to go deeper into the subject of bodybuilding and fitness. In addition to dietary supplements, the book also covers topics such as water and salt balance, low carb, anabolic diet, fat loss, calorie balance, nutrition in everyday life and many more topics. The book is based on many studies and is very practical. For anyone who wants to delve a bit deeper into the topic of nutrition strategies, this book is a must read!

Fit without equipment: Exercising with your own body weight

The current bestselling fitness program is the fitness book by Mark Lauren and Joshua Clark. In our review of fit without equipment you will find detailed information about the book. From venus diet book now you will have the best deal.

Experts train elite soldiers for years and relies on bodyweight exercises. The 90-day training plan thus includes exercises that are performed exclusively with your own body weight. But in addition to the training, the book also deals with nutrition. Nutrition tips and advice are intended to provide the best possible basis for successful training and training success. Body weight exercises are efficient and do not take up much time. With Mark Lauren’s fitness program, you only need four times 30 minutes. Another advantage is that no equipment is needed to perform the exercises. The fitness training “Fit without equipment” is suitable for every fitness level.

Fit without equipment for women: Exercising with your own body weight

Based on his book Fit Without Equipment,
Mark Lauren has written a new book specifically tailored to women’s needs and
training goals. Because compared to men, women often have different training
goals. Often this is not the desire for big muscles in the foreground. But much
more to lose body weight, to tighten arms, to get a flat stomach or
specifically to train the thighs. For women, this fitness book is definitely
the better tip!

Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body

The book mainly deals with the three major topics of training, nutrition and motivation. In addition to an introduction to the training, this fitness book also contains information on exercises and their correct execution.

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