Facts About Emu Oil Cream

I was looking for a new eye cream to moisturize, and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles, because I do not believe in the disappearance of already appeared. The cream is much cheaper than luxury counterparts, besides it has a large volume.

The cream has a rather thick consistency, the color is milky-white, the smell is delicate, neutral, not intrusive.

When applied as it thaws on the skin, it is not immediately absorbed, there is a pleasant chill. I am satisfied with the cream, the moisture content declared by the manufacturer is there, the wrinkles are not removed, but this was not promised, the main thing is that the new ones did not appear. When the lips are very dry and lip balm does not help apply the same cream, it is enough for everything.

with eye cream I was very pleased. The cream perfectly moisturizes and “strengthens” the eyelids. I liked that he quickly removes the look of swollen and tired eyes.

Cosmetic use:

– It is an effective remedy for problem skin. It is known that one of the main disadvantages of using any oil in skin care is its ability to clog pores, which results in the formation of acne. According to the experience of using Emu oil cream does not clog pores and does not cause the formation of acne.

– Emu oil cream is one of the most powerful moisturizers. Well suited for dry skin, providing hydration throughout the day, making it an ideal tool in a cosmetic skin care line.

– Deeply penetrating the skin, Emu oil cream is able to smooth wrinkles.

– Recommended as a lightweight sunscreen.

Therapeutic use:

Works well when used together with other drugs. Perfectly helps in the treatment of injuries, scuffs and pressure sores. It can be used in the complex for the correction of postoperative and post-traumatic scars, smoothing keloid scars, accelerating wound epithelialization.

It is noted that when using emu oil cream, healing of burn wounds is more intensive.

Positive results were obtained from the use of this drug with partial loss of hair due to various factors. An important property of Emu Oil is the ability to inhibit the proliferation of bacteria.

Oil effectively suppresses inflammatory processes in arthritis. Proved no side effects.


Returns mobility. Relieves pain. Natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Skin: relieves the symptoms of psoriasis. Allergy and dermatitis. Reduces itching, redness and peeling. Showed amazing effectiveness to accelerate the healing of postoperative wounds, bruises, sprains. Effective in the treatment of burns.

For the venous system:

Used for the treatment of hemorrhoids, fresh cases of thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities

Sports application

Significantly relieves muscle strain and pain associated with sports loads, subject to massage with the use of before and after exercise. Relieves muscle pain. Relieves spasms. Effective with bruises and sprains

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