Happy Thursday to all of you vegan bodybuilder out there and welcome bag to the blog. Today’s recipe is a high protein vegan take on the classic peanut butter and jam sandwich. I don’t know about you guys and gals out there but I have loved these since I was a child and having a high protein version of this meal to help me make even more gains is a plus in my book. So here is what you need:

2 Tablespoons or 30 grams of natural peanut butter or the nut butter of your choice.
2 tablespoons of 30 grams of the, no sugar added, jam of your choosing.
55 grams of vegan greek yogurt. I get mine homemade locally but you can get this at your local grocery store that has vegan options, So Delicious and Daiya are two well-known brands and they taste amazing.
2 slices of whole grain bread, you can choose a low carb bread here is you are trying to cut calories.
A scoop of the vegan protein powder of your choice. I use the Myprotein Vegan Blend. Myprotein is an excellent and reliable company with a very high-end product that is much less expensive the average vegan protein powder.
What you first want to do is add your 30 grams peanut butter to the 55 grams of greek yogurt and mix it together. once that task is finish add the scoop of protein powder and mix that in as well. This should give you a very nice and creamy consistency as you can see in the video.

At this point, you are pretty much done, simply spread all your mixture on the one slice of bread, add your 30 grams of jam to the other, slap those babies together and slice in it 2. And there you have it, another vegan bodybuilding high protein meal, see the bottom of the post for the macros of this recipe.

As usual, I do hope you all enjoyed this content if you did please consider helping my YouTube Channel grow by subscribing. Stay happy, stay healthy, keep making those gains and I will catch you all later. Cheers


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