TOP 5| Healthy Meal Delivery

It’s hard eating healthy, especially in Vancouver, where everyone’s hustling and always on the go. These guys make it real easy for you, they menu plan, shop, cook and deliver and all you do is eat and do you.
The No-Excuses solution to stay healthy. No more stressing about trying to figure out what to eat, how much to make and what’s good for you and what’s not. #GetIt

6. Be Fresh
Fresh food does not signify bland, boring food! No one person is alike and our tastebuds all differ and at Be Fresh, they get that. This meal delivery service is all about customized and individualized meal plans! Choose from meal plans that focus on weight loss, long-term sustainable health, hormone diets, soup + juice cleanses + more! All delivered at your doorstep sans hassle!

5. Fitness Foods
Sister-duo Ericka and Tiffany are the culinary experts behind Fitness Foods, one of Vancity’s FIRST meal delivery companies! They’ve blown up since and specialize in cooking up meals that are organic and what they like to call “real.” Meat and veg-friendly so the carnivores can enjoy this one as well!

4. Kondi’s Kitchen
Are you always on the go-go-go? It can get tiring, and appetite inducing! Created for the everyday, health conscious person on-the-go, Kondi Kitchen whips up wholesome meals packed with superfoods to enhance the mind-body connection. Can’t forget to feed our brains!

3. Vital Supply Co.
Men in the kitchen? We say yes when it’s the guys of Vital Supply Co. cooking! They literally take care of your vitals by providing meals that are 100% organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, well-balanced (we could always use some more balance in our lives) and guaranteed to satisfy your hunger. The Seawall Slaw is a West Coast treat!

2.Fresh Prep
Do you like cooking? Are you looking to take a more-hands on approach when it comes to cooking but you’re not a master chef? Fresh Prep is right up your alley – or, kitchen! They deliver these adorable little boxes filled with all of the fresh ingredients and spices you’ll need to whip up quick, healthy dishes in no time – instructions included!

1.Fresh in Your Fridge
If you like the finer things in life, you’re going to enjoy Fresh in Your Fridge. At Fresh in Your Fridge, the food comes to you – personal chef included. Crave curry? A fine chicken salad? A meat-free feast? Your wish is your command. What’s finer that that?

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