SUPER JUICE ME 28 Day Challenge (Detox) Day 28

Finish Line – Day 28 of Super Juice Me 28 Day Challenge

We Did IT!!!!!!!!

If we can do this so can you!

Let us help you, tell us what questions you have . . .

What will it take to get you started? We feel it’s changed our lives.

We plan on continuing juicing and putting out videos that may help you. Standing by, what would you like to see more of?

Hook up with us on Face Book if you’d like. We are here for you if you decide this might be for you. Find us, we live in South Lake Tahoe, message us and we would be glad to share more on what we experienced and what it took to pull off the challenge.

Look back at other videos, you’ll see where we came from. We were exposed to a deadly Toxic Mold and it’s taken everything we have to recover. So if you’re doing this just as a “Tune Up” or you have health issues as well. Let’s learn from each other and we can be BETTER TOGETHER!

Watch for our next video…

Learn more about Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me, watch his Amazing documentary for free here


Wishing us all heath, God Bless,


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