RESTARTING My Juice Feast Juice Fast -Day 2 Feb 18th, 2013

I am doing a fresh start extended juice feast, juice fast, what ever you prefer to call it !
Yesterday February 17th ,2013 was an all day all juice day as my future days will be here. My plan is to go past my last journey of 39 days with nothing but juice-NO smoothies ,NO food at all.You feel so clean so refreshed in so many ways.I will explain in future videos how I feel along my way~

In the past years I stuck with raw eating with cheats of other non raw foods and about in year 2011 I added juicing into my life. My first juicer was a Champion I found on Craigslist , a Breville and my latest juicer that I like best is the Omega 8600 one or is it the 8700??? So watch me make videos on my NEW journey Back to Raw,Juicing and all that~

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