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hypothyroidism diet :
The Basics
In simple words, “The Hypothyroidism Revolution” is a comprehensive program that teaches you step-by-step how to reverse and stop hypothyroidism naturally and permanently.
Tom Brimeyer, a long term sufferer of hypothyroidism, a fitness and health researcher, and the creator of The Hypothyroidism Revolution program, explains that the major keys that will truly help you correct a hypothyroidism problem and eliminate its root causes are a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.
More specifically, in his program Mr. Brimeyer focuses on three phases that he believes will help you stop your hypothyroidism directly at the source. The following are the main goals of each phase of the program:
Phase 1 – Proper Thyroid Healing Diet
The Hypothyroidism Revolution Program’s first phase focuses on the proper thyroid healing diet.
In this phase Tom Brimeyer details precisely what needs to be done to follow the proper thyroid healing diet. Tom focuses on explaining the best foods that should be consumed to provide your cells with the proper combination of nutrients and right balance needed to produce high energy levels.
In addition, here Tom Brimeyer goes over the bad foods that can suppress the thyroid, and details the correct way of removing them and replacing them with good foods in a progressive manner.
hypothyroidism diet :

Phase 2 – How To Accelerate Your Results
The Hypothyroidism Revolution Program’s second phase has one major goal: accelerating the results you obtained in phase one and taking them to an entirely new level.
During this phase, the focus is on vital nutrients which can help with reversing hormone levels that are out of balance and can affect how the thyroid performs. Tom Brimeyer provides additional tools here, including diet calculators and complete meal plans that will help you with transitioning to a comprehensive thyroid healing diet. This in return will allow you to completely transform how you feel.
Phase 3 – Minor Changes For Protecting And Fortifying Your Results
During the Hypothyroidism Revolution program’s final phase you will find information on some changes that can help you protect and fortify the results you obtained during the first and second phases.
In this phase Tom Brimeyer shows you how elements of a healthy lifestyle can be incorporated, including special exercises that can help with boosting your thyroid. He also goes into more detail about common mistakes that should be avoided so that you can achieve optimal results from the program.
All the explanations about these three phases are found in the main guide of the Hypothyroidism Revolution system, which contains more than 160 pages and 16 chapters. However, the Hypothyroidism Revolution program contains many more components, as we will explain in the pros and cons section below…
All in all, if you suffer from hypothyroidism for a long time and you try to find a natural solution that can help you stop it permanently and take back your life, then you may want to give the Hypothyroidism Revolution program a try.
hypothyroidism diet :

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