How To Lose Weight In 2 Week – 2 Week Diet Plan – 09 METABOLISM

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The primary function of our metabolism is simply to provide the right amount of fuel (at the right time) to keep our bodies alive and functioning. It accomplishes this through a complex series of chemical reactions whereby food is converted to the energy we need. When we eat, the food we swallow enters our digestive tract and is broken down by digestive enzymes. Carbohydrates are converted to glucose, fats to fatty acids and protein to amino acids. Once these nutrients are broken down, they are absorbed by the bloodstream and carried into the cells of the body. Our
metabolism then works to either release these nutrients as energy, use them to build and repair lean tissue or store them for later use.

There are two basic metabolic processes—one is constructive and is responsible for building and storing energy for the body. The other is destructive, though
in a positive sense, as it breaks down nutrient molecules to release energy. The constructive metabolic process is called anabolism, whereas the destructive process is called catabolism…


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