Get Bikini Ready With A Carb Cycling Diet. Pre Workout Supplements For Bikini Competitors

Click our Link. Bikini Competitor Susan Porter walks through Carb Cycling Diet in order to get bikini ready. Pre Workout Supplements and More.Workout Tips in order to look great this bikini season. Fix those problem areas like your lower stomach, butt and love handles with these whole body moves.

Hello Fitness Fans, we are Real Fitness Reviews. My name is Stephen Twomey here with Susan Porter. This episode we are going to be talking about what type of diet Susan is using in order to get ready for her next Bikini class competition in NGA. So, can you tell us a little about what diet you are using?

There are alot of diets out there. The diet that I chose was a Carb Cycling diet. Basically I start off on day one eating a defined amount of carbs and, drop off the next two days and then on my fourth day I am consuming a lot of carbs. This way my body is burning the food that I am consuming as well as the fat stores that are in me. By the third day of carb cycling, I am on the verge of burning muscle for fuel. And I do not want to do that as I want to maintain my muscle. I want to burn the fat so then I carb up so I can get my body back into that cycle. This is a really great way to diet as your body does not get stuck into a rut. Similar to muscle confusion when you are working out. So you are depleting your body in order to build it?

I want to maintain my muscle size because when alot of people lose weight sometimes they will tend to be a smaller less muscular version of themselves. I do not want to do that I want to maintain my muscle size and I want to eliminate the fat on my body. So there is alot of conversation going on, on blogs and such as to why carb cycling is good and carb cycling is bad. Alot of the questions women bring up is, since I am dieting am I going to sacrifice total food intake? Am I going to be hungry all the time? Can you talk to us a little about what your food intake is like?

Alot of times, people in my daily life when I tell them I am on a diet for a Bikini competition, they think that I am starving myself. They think that I am not eating enough food since I am losing weight. But when I break it down, I am actually eating more food than they are. 6 ounces of protein and 8 ounces of vegetables, and the only thing I am really sacrificing is, processed carbs or maybe chocolate. So when you are talking proteins are you talking about chicken like what are you eating to get your protein from your whole foods?

It is alot of lean proteins so the only things I am not eating would be pork or beer. I do eat alot of venison, chicken, turkey, seafood. As far as supplements go what are you taking? With each meal I am taking three amino acids. I take Beverly International Amino acids and what they suggest is one tablet per ten pounds of body weight. So I am currently about 140 pounds so that means I should about 14 tablets a day. I am taking about 3 per meal and I have 5 meals, so I am taking about 15 amino acid tablets per day.

Based on my carb cycling diet I take MCT oil which is Medium Chain Triglyceride. MCT is a fat that the body recognizes as a carb and uses it for fuel. My body burns that right away so it helps give me energy. So if you have tried Atkins or other carb suffering diets you lose your energy, MCT oil really helps provide energy so I am not relying on Caffeine. What do you do to get yourself mentally prepared to have a good workout as far as time management? You have to use your time wisely, that is one thing on Sundays is when I make my meals and I will use them during the rest of the week. I go straight from work to the gym so I can get that in and then I can go home and still spend time with my husband. So that is always hard to find time. But as long as you make it a priority, you can find time during your day. So there is alot of discussion for pre workout supplements for women.

So what do you take when you are feeling tired and maybe not ready to work out? Do you take any pre workout supplements? I am using C4, I tried other ones but I really like this flavor. If you are going to take a supplement every day you might as well like the taste. Pink lemonade flavor is what I like and I am definitely a fan of that. It helps me because when you are working out sometimes you hit a plateau and you just are exhausted. And you do not want to workout anymore. This just kicks in and you get a second wind. So you are working out and when it hits you, you can dig deeper and keep working harder. That is a recap of what Susan is doing nutrition and pre workout supplement wise. Next episode will be her workout routine.

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