Diet Plans In Janesville

diet plans in Janesville – (608) 531-0400 Medithin Weight Loss Clinics offer a physician-supervised weight loss program that is safe, proven effective, and affordable.

Patients are assessed, and their progress is monitored, by a physician and medical staff to ensure optimum care and support in reaching their weight loss goals.

The Medithin Weight Loss Clinics program is designed by experts in medicine, nutrition, fitness, motivation, and education. Medical professionals prescribe a weight loss plan based on the patient’s individual goals, current physical condition, and medical history.

• Shed unwanted pounds
• Eliminate carb and sugar cravings
• Burn fat
• Increase your energy levels
• Boost your metabolism

diet plans in Janesville
(608) 531-0400
2605 Kennedy Rd
Janesville, WI. 53545


Medithin Weight Loss Clinics

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