3 Reasons Why Low Calorie Diets DON’T Work

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It’s easy to get in shape…. Once.

The traditional dieting and body transformation route of calorie restriction, with a soul-hurting amount of exercise and cardio to burn body fat, that also strips away muscle – is common and is breaking peoples metabolism.

The biggest problem is the ‘fat re-bound’ where you can balloon back out 5 to 10, or even more kilos heavier in a very short amount of time.

The truth is; there is a simpler and easier way to just cut your calories to lose weight.

Let me clarify that seeming paradox: You WILL lose weight (and sometimes FAST), on a very low calorie diet. The trouble is, you will only lose in the beginning. In the long term, you set yourself up hormonally and metabolically to:
1) Slow down your metabolism (so fat loss is even more difficult the next time)
2) Hit a fat loss plateau
3) Regain all the weight
4) Damage your health due to nutritional deficiency

The real aim should be how can you look and feel great, and be able to easily stay in great shape. As unfortunately so many people aunt even able to get in shape once, as their bodies fight back against the plan or diet they are trying to follow.

The traditional advice of “eat less and move” more based on the calories in versus calories out isn’t the whole picture.

Now here is where it can become sticky for a lot people –

Our bodies adapt – we don’t just burn through calories like a calorimeter does. As our bodies has the hormonal and metabolic interactions which is why we can find so many people eating very low-calorie diets, doing excessive exercise and NOT losing weight.

To really ruffle some feathers now…

Much of the time, its NOT an excess of calories by the usual means that is the problem. With many people they have under-eaten themselves to eating a small amount of food each day. If you double this up with poor food choices that can further exacerbate the hormonal cascade that leads to fat gain.

When any reduced calorie intake is maintained it becomes ‘normal’.

The big problem lays with people making a steep drop in calories and the adaption response coming quickly – so then going back to what you were eating before you started the diet, is relatively a large jump back up which can easily then lead to large amounts of fat gain.

The hormonal problem of this, is the body has gone into a resistant state to losing weight, with malnourishment and a high stress load.

Now lets just get straight to what the fix is:

First up we need to make sure the plan is put together intelligently – to understand and work with the bodies adaptive nature rather than against it.

The second is it needs to be measured – now if we are talking high level physique athlete then measuring tools such as using the food scales is going to be needed – this is also why we use the hand portion guide for people that don’t need to be on the gram.

Now, I do recommend we all eat a diet of varied foods. Though the fact is, it makes life easy when you’re eating the same meals on a regular basis. It means meal prep and the mental math is kept to a minimum.

The other measuring part is measuring your actual progress – do you know how your body is changing week to week and what you are doing is actually working.

The fact is – so many people are just trying to cut and burn and lose – they are always trying to lose weight. You can train your body to be able to run on more quality food. A common feedback is people feeling full most of the time when they start out on these plans.

Which then means you can reduce your food intake later to get leaner – so then after mini cycles of this, you are leaner, in better shape, holding more lean muscle and metabolically better off.

Here’s the best part: using this method, you can actually eat a LOT more!

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