Venus Diet Tips

Posted on January 24th, 2008 by Metamorphosis Design

Fat (money) way before!You no good, also is just a good fat.Fat man can't eat!If you don't want to I call you from now on, don't eat fat.Even if used to be a fat boy will have a thin become beautiful day.You've been doing a gas through the clothes the soil of slag off fat!Dead fat!Fat people have a boyfriend!* * * a fat you boyfriend don't you again!No boyfriend fatso!Just be boyfriend's fat!To thin it is must pay the price Can't stand will continue in fatty ranks.Anyway, not bad in fat man in the world so much to you.This is the fat man's biggest sorrow!!.

Meals to eat, but also can eat satisfied!It is important to note that increase grain variety of crude fiber intake, such as porridge, porridge Riga a handful of cereal.Eat rice, add a pair of brown rice rice cooker.This can help defecate!Don't constipation girl to long-term keep good figure, and very healthy look good!If you still constipation!After morning drink a cup of warm boiled water, then squat make-up, squat squat down you to feeling!Then you will go to the toilet, with you!Don't eat ice, affect your cycle, cycle slow naturally fat, also edema!Don't drink, they are liquid of satan!Fattening and kidney damage.Don't eat sugar, will make your skin ageing, gain weight!Fried foods!It's hard to refuse!Moderation, please!Eat once a month still can!Tropical fruits to eat less!Sugar is too high!But after the big aunt can eat two petals durian!Fill the uterus very much!Diet basically do this with respect to OK

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Venus Weight Loss Program

First sitting on the floor and bend your knees, his legs behind the left hand holding the ground, arms straight propping up the body, the right leg knee 90 degrees and stepping up propping up the lower half, along with his right hand and left leg straight up, keep the posture for 10 seconds, and then have a rest continue to do the body movements.First to squat down, legs slightly open, hands holding the ground, leaning is low, as this position on the ground do climbing action, note that the leg to stretch as far as possible, crept forward continuously, it can exercise your leg muscles and the waist.